Staying Connected During Covid-19

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Staying Connected During Covid-19

March 19, 2020 Uncategorized 0

Beloved in Christ:
We have recently had to make some unusual decisions about not meeting together for worship. I have been watching the news and the situation changes hourly. For now, we are not meeting for worship for two weeks, but I imagine it could be longer.
In addition, we are not going to have any large groups meet on the church campus, and are reducing office hours. Cathy will come in at least once a week, and check mail and messages; she will do email from home. Tabitha will put things on the website. I will continue to monitor the situation.
Something for all of us to prayerfully think about is how to be the body of Christ when we don’t worship together. Truth is, the Christian church has had other times when it has been unable to meet, due to persecution or illness or war. What is important is that we keep thinking about how to exemplify the love of Christ throughout this situation.  Not meeting is protecting the vulnerable, so it only makes sense to do this voluntarily.
I know you are going to be missing each other: I trust and am counting on that you will call each other, send emails, and write notes. Tim and Charlene and the Care Team will give some special focus on people who we worry might be isolated. If there is something you need, email the church office. We also have people who could come deliver something to you if you need it.
During this time when we are apart, we will be providing digital content several times a week via email and social media. We hope these resources will provide you with spiritual encouragement during this time apart from one another. If you would like additional or specified resources (i.e. for children, or a topical recommendation) do not hesitate to ask. We will not be livestreaming an entire worship service on Sundays, but many of our colleagues in ministry will be. A list of livestream services will be available on the website and Facebook and via email. We encourage you to participate in these digital worship opportunities as well as maintaining your own spiritual practices. 
I do have something important to ask: expenses for the church will not go away. If you are able to continue to make financial donations to the church, please do so. You can mail a check, or we now have an online giving portal through the website.
Finally, beloved, let us practice Christian love in all we say and do. Remember, that God is always with us. We will get through this difficult time, and we will get through it by trusting God and relying on each other.
With much love and prayer,

Pastor Catie

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During our time apart, you can now give your tithe through our online giving portal, supported by Tithely. Our online giving page can be found at the link below:

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