Feeding the Spirit. Building Community. Spreading God's Grace.

There is always more to be discovered about who God is, and how we can be a part of what God is doing in the world. We offer several opportunities for Bible Study and reflection throughout the week.

Small Group Opportunities:

Wednesday Evening Bible Study | 5pm-  This group of scholars come together for deep study of scripture that touches the head and the heart. They will be picking up in The Book of Acts, with a study guide by N.T. Wright. Ken Boshart leads this group. Newcomers are welcome. Meeting weekly in the Conference Room at the Church.

None of these times work? Looking for something different? Email Pastor Blair and she will happily connect you with a study group or relevant materials to help you continue growing in your faith journey.

Sunday during service | 10:30 amChildren

Nursery and grades Kindergarden through 6th, please meet the teacher in front of the south east sanctuary doors. 

Open Space

You can follow us on social media for upcoming information. https://openspacefaith.org